Infighting Liberals ‘united, jubilant and renewed’ for Trudeau

“Four decades of civil war that took it to the brink of ruin are over. Justin Trudeau will inherit a united Liberal Party. A week of voting lies ahead before the next Liberal leader is revealed Sunday, after a weekend showcase dominated by Trudeau supporters who whooped it up in celebration of his certain victory,” John Ibbitson wrote for The Globe and Mail this morning. Ibbitson continues, “A party famous for factional infighting appeared united, jubilant and renewed. It also appears to have become Mr. Trudeau’s personal political machine. That machine runs without the bile that fueled so many earlier campaigns. Mr. Trudeau’s most senior advisers played little part in the fratricide that plagued Liberals as the party descended from power to official opposition to also-ran. Team Trudeau has recruited tens of thousands of supporters who are loyal only to him, who signed on as supporters simply to vote for him. And the campaign is expected to donate nearly $1-million to party coffers beyond campaign expenses, finally bringing the Liberals into the modern age of political fundraising. A party that appeared bereft of money, of organization, of leadership, is finally renewing itself under the presumptive leadership of a 41-year-old outsider who has banished the old guard and who is bringing the Liberals both generational change and internal peace.” Read the full article here. | Raymond Matt, CFP, CLU, TEP, CHS

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