Money, the corporate world, and business feminism

“Feminism has gotten a bad rap lately.

While most women and men say they believe in equality between the sexes, a significant proportion of those polled in recent years say they don’t identify themselves as feminists, considering the term dated and freighted with negative connotations.

A perfect example of such thinking surfaced late last year when Time Magazine included the word “feminist” in a list of terms that should be banished in 2015, in what I can only hope was an item written by a misguided intern who was promptly dismissed. The magazine later apologized,” writes Leah Eichler for the Globe and Mail on March 6, 2015.  

Eichler continued, “My own brand of feminism often centres on giving women equal opportunities in business and access to capital. I’ve often called this business feminism, but others have called it executive feminism orfinancial feminism. In other words, we’re talking about women and money.

You might not realize it, but women and money are a hot topic. At last month’s Oscar ceremonies, Patricia Arquette took the opportunity during her acceptance speech for best supporting actress to demand equal pay for women. Compare that with Amy Pascal, the former co-chairman of Sony Pictures Entertainment, who admitted in an interview with Tina Brown in February that she paid women less because they settled for less and she was running a business.”

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Raymond Matt, CFP, CLU, TEP, CHS


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