What are the obstacles CEO’s should be aware of?

“Next to being head of a country, being CEO of a multinational is one of the hardest jobs in the world. CEOs are under constant scrutiny from all sides, and it takes a specific type of personality to rise to the occasion,” writes Karen Berg for the Globe and Mail’s special series Globe Careers’ Leadership Lab

Berg continues,”One of the greatest pitfalls a leader can encounter is to confuse managing with leading, thereby leaving their company grasping for direction. Here are some of the more common traits that lead CEOs to stumble:


New CEOs and other top executives spin their wheels for two or more years trying to suss out what’s working and what’s not. Why? The longer a CEO waits to make substantive decisions, the easier it becomes for people inside the company to dig a foxhole and hide or, worse, send incomplete and inaccurate information up the chain of command. Everyone is afraid including the CEO, and if the CEO shows fear, he/she will be eaten alive. The board is watching the CEO, the investment sector is watching the CEO, the competitors, customers – everyone is applying their own kind of pressure.”

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Raymond Matt, CFP, CLU, TEP, CHS


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