Suncayr, new UV-sensitive marker

“Even when Rachel Pautler slathered on handfuls of sunscreen she still got burnt at the beach.

Being fair-skinned certainly has its setbacks in the summertime but Pautler wasn’t going to settle for the shade.

So Pautler and her team created a UV-sensitive marker you apply before your sunscreen. The ink goes on your skin clear but when the marking changes to purple, that means it’s time to reapply protection,” wrote David Friend for The Globe and Mail on Tuesday July 21, 2015.

Friend continued, “As they see it, Suncayr is useful for anyone who loves the sun, but especially for parents trying to keep tabs on the sensitive skin of their children.

Burns are one of the seemingly inevitable dangers of summer and maintaining the right amount of sunscreen is a guessing game.

While several companies have launched products to monitor UV exposure, generally the results have been mixed.

French company Netatmo is selling a bracelet called June that measures UV rays through a faux jewel, which sends the data to a phone app. It sells for US$130 online. Others have tried simpler versions of a UV wristband that leave a tan line and don’t necessarily provide an accurate measurement of your skin’s protection.

Some parents have settled for a more basic UV sticker applied directly to skin, but when their kids wade into water, it can fall off.”


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Raymond Matt, CFP, CLU, TEP, CHS

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