Doctors have mixed feelings about patients recording them on smartphones

Photographer: Negative Space

Photographer: Negative Space

“Physicians are being advised by their insurer that patients could record them using smartphones — with or without permission,” wrote Vik Adhopia for CBC News on July 30, 2017.

Adhopia continued, “The Canadian Medical Protective Association, which among other legal services, insures doctors against malpractice, recommends physicians consider setting recording policies for their clinics.

Dr. Douglas Bell, managing director of the CMPA, said some doctors aren’t sure what to say when patients want to record either audio or video of them.

“We’re starting to receive more and more calls about recordings by patients,” he said.

Under Canadian law, consent isn’t required to record another person. But it gets complicated if that material is posted online. For example, YouTube will consider removing a video if a person feels it violates their privacy. But only if the individual in the video is, what the company calls “uniquely identifiable,” which may be a matter of opinion.”

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