People gathered together to take in solar eclipse

Photographer:  Linda Xu

Photographer: Linda Xu


“People from all over the world converged Monday on St. Joseph, Mo., a town nestled along the Missouri River just north of Kansas City, to watch an event that many said comes once in a lifetime: a total solar eclipse,” wrote Nicole Mortillaro for CBC News on August 22, 2017.

Mortillaro continued, “Instead of the expected — and usual — sunny August day in the city of about 77,000, the thousands who gathered at Rosecrans Memorial Airport on the edge of town got cloud cover and nearby thunderstorms. 

About 10 minutes before totality, the rain stopped. The crowd erupted in a cheer. The sun, a mere crescent, popped out from behind the clouds.

The jubilation was like a tide: cheers, followed by quiet as the clouds covered the dwindling sun. Then cheers again, as the ever-shrinking sun emerged.

But then it was as if night had descended: the area was thrust into darkness. To the eclipse watchers in the shadow of the moon, it was as if there was a sunset around them in every direction.

Twelve-year old Ava Byrd travelled 18 hours by car from Jacksonville, Fla. with her mother Alicia. She donned her glasses, head craned, hoping for just a glimpse of the sun’s corona. And then, through a break in the clouds, she got it. 

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