New Shingrix vaccine long-term effectiveness

Photographer: Volkan Olmez

Photographer: Volkan Olmez


“”It was like being wrapped in flaming barbed wire.”

That’s how Erin Bell, a 48-year-old nutritionist from Peterborough, Ont., describes having shingles,” wrote Andre Picard for The Globe and Mail on January 1, 2018.

Picard continued, “She got shingles at age 42 and the itchy, unsightly blisters that stretched across her torso faded away relatively quickly, but the nerve pain lasted for more than four months.

“The pain was undeniable and unrelenting,” she says.

Joan Robicheau, a 61-year-old Montreal teacher, agrees.

Her case of shingles appeared when she was 50 and started with a sharp jaw pain – which she initially thought was a toothache – but, within hours, she was hospitalized and placed in isolation.”
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