OPP focus on mental health

Photographer: Matthew Henry

Photographer: Matthew Henry


“Ontario’s provincial police force is overhauling its mental health support system in response to the recent suicides of three officers,” wrote Ashley Burke for CBC News on August 28, 2018.

Burke continued, “OPP Commissioner Vince Hawkes is expected to announce details later this week. So far, Hawkes’s only public comments about the deaths have been on Twitter, where he wrote he was “deeply devastated by the recent loss of three of our members.”

Hawkes also vowed to examine any barriers preventing members from seeking help.

The widow of one of the deceased officers is calling on the OPP to set aside time in each officer’s day to allow them to discuss difficult calls with their peers.

Sarah Routhier’s husband, Sgt. Sylvain Routhier, was 37 when he took his life on July 31, after more than a decade as a OPP officer in Belleville, Ont. 

She said her husband was a gentle soul and loving father of three who coached all of his kids’ hockey teams and built a large backyard rink.”

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