Loblaws testing “shop and scan” technology

Photographer: Rawpixel.com

Photographer: Rawpixel.com


“Loblaws is ramping up self-checkout with new technology called “shop and scan” — a system that lets people scan their items with a phone app while shopping, saving time at checkout,” wrote Sophia Harris for CBC News on November 21, 2018.

Harris continued, “On Thursday, Loblaws will begin testing shop and scan at five grocery stores in the Greater Toronto Area, and will expand to three more locations in the region in the coming weeks.

“Customers can now scan, pay and be on their way,” spokesperson Catherine Thomas said in an email.

In the race to streamline the shopping experience and reduce labour costs, retailers are rushing to innovate. But not all new technologies prove successful: Walmart recently tested a similar scanning system, “scan and go,” which failed to catch on with customers.”

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