Succession Planning

Succession often poses a serious challenge for most business owners as different family members often have different wants and needs. There is usually agreement that the company produces the wealth. The Exempt Transfer provides a prompt source of tax-free cash when it is needed most. This buys the family the time to make the tough decisions. 

Succession Planning

Succession planning poses unique set of challenges for a private business owner and the company.  It has been found that the survival rate of a privately held business from one generation to the next depends, in part, on the caliber … read more

Long-term planning falls by the wayside

When Canada’s insurance companies have too much on the go, they call on Simon Bell and Chris Murumets, co-founders of Toronto-based LOGiQ3 Corp. Most of their business is in reinsurance, taking on underwriting, auditing and other responsibilities for larger financial … read more

Reducing the impact of the unexpected

Experienced personnel are the building blocks of a successful organization. Their knowledge and skills drive profitability; their relationships and reputations generate goodwill; and their experience ensures sound decision-making. Therefore, their loss affects the business negatively. Due to size and succession … read more