• The Exempt Transfer can add significant value for you, your family, and shareholders. No other tax savings concept allows for tax-free wealth transfer, supports a retirement income stream, and bolsters the balance sheet.

    Learn More.

  • Succession often poses a serious challenge for most business owners as different family members often have different wants and needs. There is usually agreement that the company produces the wealth. The Exempt Transfer provides a prompt source of tax-free cash when it is needed most. This buys the family the time to make the tough decisions. Learn More.

  • Tax planning provides significant opportunities for both the company and the family. Efficient tax planning provides more operating capital for the company as well as consumption capital for you and your family. It is important that a business owner understands the benefits of The Exempt Transfer from a tax planning perspective. Learn More.

  • Estate planning is essential for any business owner where there are complex challenges and significant assets. Effective estate planning makes both the business and the family more tax efficient. The Exempt Transfer addresses many complex estate issues and allows for the efficient transfer of wealth from the company and its shareholders to the family. Learn More.

  • Multiple shareholders of a company often have a shareholders agreement. The critical consideration is not how shares will be purchased, but how the share purchase is funded. Even if surviving shareholders or the company has the cash on hand - The Exempt Transfer is an efficient funding mechanism due to the tax advantages. Learn More.

Credibility Habits

Show up on time.

Do what you say you’re going to do.

Finish what you start.

Treat people with respect.

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