Vaccination booster for adults

Photographer: Mali Maeder

Photographer: Mali Maeder


“Vaccinations are commonly considered a childhood health issue, but if adults think they’re protected, doctors say that’s not always the case. Some adults may need a vaccination booster for highly contagious infectious diseases like measles,” wrote Amina Zafar for CBC News on April 12, 2019.

Zafar continued, “Amid travel-related measles cases in British Columbia’s Lower Mainland, New York City, New Jersey, California, Michigan, Washington state as well as outbreaks in Europe, Asia, and South America, some doctors are raising awareness about adults who may be inadvertently undervaccinated.

Many people are unaware that their immunity can wear off over time. People born in Canada between 1970 and 1996 may also need an extra dose of the vaccine to protect themselves — particularly if they are planning travel abroad.

This week’s news of an Ottawa cancer patient who contracted measles despite being vaccinated drew attention to the issue. In her case, she’d been vaccinated against measles, but local public health officials told her some people with weakened immune systems can still be vulnerable to the virus.”

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