Bank of Canada Grabbing Headlines & Our Attention

“It’s almost as if the stewards of Canada’s monetary policy were determined to grab the spotlight this week — wanted or otherwise,” Gordon Isfeld of the National Post wrote yesterday.

“While the country’s top central banker prepared to make a much-anticipated — and historic — overture to organized labour, his deputy was beating the drum for a stable financial system amid a growing global crisis. And then there was the hot-button, $100-note ‘ethnicity’ controversy. Those issues will no doubt be on Mark Carney’s plate at a critical lunchtime gathering Wednesday in Toronto, where the Bank of Canada governor will address members of the Canadian Auto Workers union. The speech — titled Globalization, Financial Stability and Employment — will be his first public address before a labour-based group. It will also be the first such appearance ever by a Bank of Canada head. ‘The CAW invited the governor to speak during its convention,’ said a Bank of Canada spokesman. ‘Governor Carney considers it important to meet with and speak to a range of business, industry, academic and labour groups.’ For sure, that audience will be anxious to hear Mr. Carney’s views on the manufacturing sector and the impact of the resurgent Canadian dollar on the country’s auto industry,” Isfeld continued. Read the full article here. | Raymond Matt, CFP, CLU, TEP, CHS

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