Building trust requires us to get ‘naked’

“Establishing trusted relationships is a critical imperative for leadership success today, and a key way to develop trust with those you lead is by being vulnerable. I’m not talking about getting on the proverbial therapist’s couch and telling your direct reports all of your deep, inner secrets. I’m talking about disclosing appropriate and relevant amounts of information about yourself over the course of time as relationships grow and develop,” an article posted to Director of Client Services and Trust Practice Leader Randy Conley’s Leading with Trust blog last week stated. The article continued, “In his book, Getting Naked, author Patrick Lencioni discusses three fears that keep us from being vulnerable…from ‘getting naked.’ Lencioni discusses these fears in the context of sabotaging client relationships, but the lessons are equally relevant for leaders in regards to developing trust with their followers.” To read the full article and get a list of common fears click here. | Raymond Matt, CFP, CLU, TEP, CHS

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