Canadian International Trade Minister Confirms Trans-Pacific Partnership

“The federal government has announced it has formally joined talks on the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a vast trade deal that Ottawa hopes will open new markets to Canadian exports. Negotiations on the Trans-Pacific Partnership — or TPP — involve 11 countries with a combined population of 658 million people and combined GDP of $20.5 trillion,” a CBC News online article wrote earlier this week. The article continued, “Canada had lobbied to join the talks for several months and was invited along with Mexico to take part in June. A 90-day notification period imposed by the U.S. Congress expired on Monday, and other member governments had to approve Canada and Mexico’s invitations to the talks, which have been under way for more than 2½ years. International Trade Minister Ed Fast, who is leading a trade mission to the Middle East this week, confirmed Tuesday that Canada has now joined the negotiations. In a written statement, Fast called the TPP ‘a 21st-century agreement that advances Canadian interests.'” Read the full article here. | Raymond Matt, CFP, CLU, TEP, CHS  

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