I was raised with those values…

I had the opportunity to hear and meet Justin Trudeau this month as he made his way to Midland, Ontario.  His oratory skills are very pleasing to the ear as he spoke passionately about his vision of Canada and the future for Canadians.  Embracing diversity whether you’re a tenth generation, first generation – like me – or a new Canadian, this he says makes Canada a great nation and I tend to agree. Finding reasons to connect and inspire a great nation and a great people, as opposed to divisiveness, alienation and the practice of Rovian (a term to indicate Karl Rove, American political consultant and policy advisor) style politics, is no easy task.  The rallying cry of, “let us find reasons to vote for a government rather than reasons why we want to throw a government out of office” is a noble and worthwhile pursuit. He’s young, he’s handsome, he’s relaxed and yes he bears the name Trudeau, a pedigree that looms large in Canadian and international politics as his father Pierre solidified himself in the history books as our country’s fifteenth Prime Minister.  I admit I am a fan.  And when you listen you begin to realize, as he speaks without any prepared notes, that he has a genuine passion and concern for Canada and its citizens.  You also realize that he is his own man, a man very capable to lead and inspire.

  As I asked Justin to sign my copy of Towards A Just Society The Trudeau Years, a collection of essays edited by his father, a book that endeavors to explain the Liberal party view of national and international relations, including energy, environmental and constitutional policy during Pierre’s time in office which spanned two decades, I mentioned how I felt that the book is what Canada is all about.  Justin’s reply, “I was raised with those values”.  Re-reading the book I find it to be as relevant today as it was when I first read it, maybe even more so. We need leaders with the values outlined in that book, the values that will keep Canada on the path that leads towards a just society for all Canadians. | Raymond Matt, CFP, CLU, TEP, CHS    

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