North Korea ‘rocket launching tests’ a cry for attention, analysts say

“North Korea continued firing short-range weapons over its own eastern waters today after a weekend of what it called ‘rocket launching tests’ intended to bolster deterrence against enemy attack. South Korean officials were investigating exactly what it was that the North was testing,” an Associated Press article wrote today, republished by The article continued, “North Korea regularly conducts short-range missile tests. Analysts say the recent launches appear to be weapons tests or an attempt to get U.S. and South Korean attention amid tentative signs of diplomacy after soaring tensions that followed UN sanctions aimed at a North Korean nuclear test in February. The two projectiles fired by North Korea on Monday had similar trajectories as four previous launches over the past two days, according to officials at Seoul’s Defense Ministry and joint chiefs of staff. Officials were analyzing whether the projectiles were missiles or rockets fired from a large-calibre gun North Korea may be developing, the officials said on condition of anonymity, citing department rules.” Read the full article here. | Raymond Matt, CFP, CLU, TEP, CHS

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