Canadian Elephants arrive safe and sound in California

“The last three elephants that lived at the Toronto Zoo are now getting acquainted to their new home at a California sanctuary”, posted the CBC News late last night. “Thika, Toka and Iringa were boarded onto trucks in Toronto last Thursday, to make their long journey through nine states to the Performing Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) sanctuary in San Andreas, Calif., where they arrived yesterday. The elephants had lived in Toronto for decades, but will now live out the rest of their lives in the warmer California climate.  The CBC News continued reporting that on Monday, Ed Stewart of the PAWS sanctuary said ‘the Toronto pachyderms were adjusting just fine. They are eating, they’re drinking, they came out of the crates really well,’ he said.” Read the full article here. | Raymond Matt, CFP, CLU, TEP, CHS

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