Tight Ontario election race for Liberals and PCs

“With only one day left to campaign and polls pointing to a tight two-way race between the Liberals and Progressive Conservatives, Ontario leaders are making a hard, final push ahead of Thursday’s vote. The final day of campaigning comes as allegations of dirty tricks begin to surface,” a CBC news article wrote today. The article continued, “On Tuesday, the PCs had to apologize after voters in two ridings — one in Ottawa, another in London — received letters containing false information about where to vote. The Liberals accused the Tories of ‘voter suppression,’while the PCs said the letters were sent in error. The Tories were furious over a Liberal campaign flyer issued in Vaughan by candidate Steve Del Duca. The flyer featured an image of PC Leader Tim Hudak laughing maniacally as he walks away from a hospital exploding in the background. The ad takes its inspiration from the Batman movie The Dark Knight, with Hudak in the role of the Joker.” Read the full article here.

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