Changes coming for Canadians taking extended visits to the U.S.A.

“A B.C. MP is warning people about a new information-sharing agreement between Canada and the United States that could put travellers who regularly spend a lot of time in the U.S. at risk of significant consequences.  The Entry Exit Initiative allows officials to track how many days Canadians have spent in the U.S. Prior to the agreement, the country could only track entry dates, not exit dates.  “We were specially wanting to alert people that this could potentially be a problem for them if they were being careless about their travel,” said Gail Hunnisett, constituency assistant for Alex Atamanenko, MP for B.C. Southern Interior,”  posted by Radio West for CBC News on Monday.

The article continued, “Hunnisett said she’s been fielding a lot of calls since Atamanenko’s office put out the information.  She said a common misconception is that Canadians regularly travelling to the U.S. for long stays can spend up to 182 days, or six months, in the U.S without being considered a resident for tax purposes”. Read the full article hereRaymond Matt, CFP, CLU, TEP, CHS  

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