Canadian marine ecologist warns of planet’s future

Corporate Solutions was very proud to be able to sponsor an event in Midland, Ontario last night, one in a series of events hosted by well-respected local Fred Hacker.   At the Midland Cultural Centre myself and my business partner Aaron Ledlie joined a room full of guests for Hacker’s interview with Canadian marine ecologist Dr. Peter Sale as part of the A Day in the Life series.   Sale spoke of his decades-long work in the field marine ecology, specifically tropical coastal ecosystems, and of his book Our Dying Planet: An Ecologist’s View of the Crisis We Face. There were many points explored during the evening: deforestation, our warming planet, over-fishing and an increasing population. Sale shared his view of the potentially dyer situation we face but also offered practical insights in to what our international community is doing to help, lest politics gets in the way of science. In the past Sale has spoken of similar ideas, one of which was for Nippising University’s TEDx series.

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