Small business owners feel targeted by proposed tax changes

Photographer: Matthew Henry

Photographer: Matthew Henry

“Don Paton spends most of his days pricing new jobs around the factories and industrial sites of Hamilton, or in hands-on work making the electrical connections for the cranes his company installs and repairs,” wrote Kate MacNamara for CBC News on August 13, 2017.

MacNamara continued, “The rest of his time he spends at a computer, usually tackling administrative work for his business, Ontario Crane Service. But last week he sat down to give Bill Morneau, Canada’s finance minister, a piece of his mind.

“To me it’s like, they’re trying to pit one part of society against the other part. Anybody who owns a business is a bad person, because they’ve got money in the bank, or they’ve got a rainy day fund,” he says.

His gripe is the federal government’s proposal to close what it calls tax loopholes that private businesses use. Practices, the government’s literature says, used to “gain unfair tax advantages.”

Paton, and a growing number of business owners across the country, disagree.”

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