Canadians impacted by Equifax cybersecurity breach

Photographer: Jeffrey Betts

Photographer: Jeffrey Betts


“Equifax Canada said a massive cybersecurity breach at the company may have exposed the personal information of about 100,000 Canadian consumers,” wrote CBC News on September 19, 2017.

CBC News continued, “Equifax is a consumer information company that provides, among other services, credit information and credit ratings on individuals.

The company disclosed on Sept. 7 that the cybersecurity breach exposed the personal data of about 143 million Americans but, at that time, did not reveal the number of Canadians involved. 

Equifax Canada said the information includes names, addresses, social insurance numbers (SIN) and, in limited cases, credit card numbers.

“We apologize to Canadian consumers who have been impacted by this incident,” said Lisa Nelson, president and general manager of Equifax Canada.”

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