Complaints about CRA freezing and emptying accounts with no notice

Photographer: Wilfred Iven

Photographer: Wilfred Iven


“Canada’s Taxpayers’ Ombudsman is investigating what seems to be a problem with the federal tax agency freezing and emptying accounts without warning,” wrote Sarah Smellie for CBC News on November 8, 2017.

Smellie continued, “It’s a problem that shut down a small business in St. John’s last month.

In early October, CBC News reported that Fixed Coffee and Baking owner Jonathan Howse had to close one of his locations when, according to Howse, the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) emptied his business’s bank account without warning.

The office of the federal taxpayers’ ombudsman, which aims to improve the CRA’s accountability, read the story, and contacted the St. John’s newsroom.

“What interested us in this is that we were getting complaints from people who were saying the CRA’s frozen my bank account or they’ve taken these actions and they didn’t give any notice to me,” said Sherra Profit.

Profit said her office has received enough calls to “identify this as a systemic issue and determine that this was something that had to be examined.”

Her office notified the minister of national revenue in February that it would be preparing a report.”

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