Passengers stuck on planes for hours due to storms

Photographer: Nicolas Jehly

Photographer: Nicolas Jehly

“Passengers on two Air Transat flights were stuck on planes at the Ottawa airport for hours on Monday after being diverted due to stormy weather, and at least two of them called 911,” wrote Kristy Nease for CBC News on August 1, 2017.

Nease continued, “Air Transat flight 157 from Brussels was scheduled to arrive in Montreal at 3:15 p.m. ET Monday, but was diverted to Ottawa after circling east of Montreal due to thunderstorms.

The flight landed at the Ottawa airport just after 5 p.m. ET, after more than eight hours of flying time.

It then sat on the tarmac for six hours, and passengers weren’t allowed to get off. Laura Mah, who was on board, spoke to CBC News as they waited.

“The plane actually lost power and went zero AC [air conditioning], and then now we’ve got the doors open and one kid is puking, and people are just losing their minds,” she said.

“They’re just getting mad, saying ‘This is not all right, this is not OK, you can’t do this to us.’ The police are in here and the fire department’s in here and they’re telling us that they can’t do anything, that we just have to stay put.”

The hundreds of passengers weren’t given much information about what was going on, Mah said. They were told that the plane needed to be refueled, and then they were told that the fuel truck had run out of fuel.

One of the passengers eventually called 911, Mah said. Paramedics arrived and the Ottawa International Airport Authority handed out water to the stranded, hot passengers.”

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